The Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust (KCFT) has a partnering agreement with the Kaipātiki Local Board to provide a connected community approach through the community development work model.

Through this model, KCFT provides a variety of community activations, projects, programmes and key events that meet the needs of our Kaipātiki residents, while also increasing neighbourhood sustainability.

KCFT's role with the Kaipatiki Local Board provides connected communities, and the Trust is committed to serving, and supporting, sustainable communities because we know our role succeeds where connected communities thrive. Our work will always revolve around the Five Wellbeing’s… Give, Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect and Take Notice. 

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Find the Fairy Doors in our Kaipātiki Plygrounds

The Kaipãtiki Fairy Doors are visiting your local playgrounds… time for families to get out and about and enjoy the many little Fairy Doors.


Do you, or someone you know, need help finding employment?

The KCFT Steps to Success Programme is a holistic, thorough, and in-depth set of Skill Modules which are designed to build the self-esteem, resilience, and confidence of rangatahi before they transition into supported employment.


If you want to enter our Steps to Success APRIL 2024 intake
fill-in our REFERRAL FORM online

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Walking alongside our tamariki, rangatahi and whānau to help them back into education

KCFT Attendance Services initially works with schools to identify at risk students who may have a high level of unjustified absences, then work with family/whãnau to build a cooperative solution that provides on-going support and encouragement to help those students achieve more positive outcomes from their learning journey.

What's happening in your Kaipātiki

Shepherds Park

From roots to skyline
Yesterday, today and into the future


KCFT Publications for download and/or online viewing

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The Strawberry Land Book

By Matt Elliott

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Kaipatiki Summer Fun Programme.....
Tuesday April 10th10am
Preschool n Play
Tui Park ....

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Active Day that`s our Sunday..