Kaipātiki Community Grants Programme 2021/2022



The Kaipatiki Local Board's Community Grants Programme aims to provide contestable community grants to local communities.

The key points are shown below, but for the complete document, please download the complete document.

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Our grants programme will be targeted towards supporting the following outcomes, as outlined in our local board plan:

  • Belonging and wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Places and Spaces
  • Transport and connections
  • Opportunity and prosperity

Our priorities for grants

The Kaipātiki Local Board welcomes grant applications that align with the following local board plan

Note: these priorities relate to the local board objectives as outlined in the local board plan.

  • our people are involved in the community, socially connected to one another, and supported to be active, creative, resilient, and healthy
  • our natural environment is protected and restored for future generations to enjoy
  • our built environment is high quality, vibrant, well-maintained, reflects the culture and heritage of Kaipātiki, and meets our people’s needs
  • our people have many transport options and can easily and safely move around and find their way
  • our people can buy local, live local and work local

Higher priority for eligibility

A higher priority will be given to applications that:

  • provide opportunities for all members of the Kaipātiki community to benefit from the proposed project or activity and where access is not restricted to members of the organisation making the application
  • are from applicants based and operating within the Kaipātiki area providing and targeting services, benefits, and participation opportunities for Kaipātiki residents
  • targets and supports local resident participation.

Lower priority for eligibility

Some applications will automatically be given lower priority:

  • applications for travel and accommodation outside Auckland (the board may make exceptions if there will be a tangible benefit for Auckland ratepayers)
  • applications for retrospective costs (where the activity has already taken place), unless:
    • this is necessary as a condition of the grant
    • we are satisfied there are other mitigating circumstances
  • applications for fundraising events or activities where the beneficiary is a third party, e.g. charity events, sponsored walks (exceptions may be made if we determine the event has a wider community benefit beyond its primary purpose as a fundraiser)
  • applications for food - unless the provision of food will enable the project outcomes to be achieved (you will need to provide evidence of how this will be measured and achieved)
  • applications by schools and churches – unless clear benefits to the wider community can be demonstrated, e.g. on-going community access to facilities
  • applications from groups based outside the Kaipātiki Local Board area, unless you can clearly demonstrate the benefit to Kaipātiki community members
  • applications for activities taking place, or groups based outside the Kaipātiki Local Board area, unless the applicant can clearly demonstrate the benefit to Kaipātiki community members
  • applications for large amounts where other funders haven't been approached
  • applications where the applicant has a considerable cash surplus (relative to the amount applied for), unless the applicant can verify that it is a specifically tagged reserve and cannot be used as a contribution towards the submitted project.
  • applications that consistently seek ongoing organisation administrative costs for staff and overheads.
  • applications from organisations who have already applied for a grant, within the same financial year

Eligibility Exclusions

A range of activities are excluded from consideration of funding by Auckland Council’s overarching Community Grants Policy. These exclusions are:

  • debt servicing or repayment
  • legal expenses
  • activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
  • medical expenses
  • public services that are the responsibility of central government (e.g. core education, primary health
  • The release of payment for physical works – e.g. improvements to community buildings that require consents or permits, prior to the necessary consents or permits being obtained (grants may be awarded in principle, but funds will not be released until all conditions are satisfied)
  • purchase of alcohol
  • food - unless the provision of food will enable the project outcomes to be achieved (evidence of how this will be measured and achieved will need to be provided)

In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined in the Community grants policy, the Kaipātiki Local Board will not fund:

  • private individuals (except where they agree to be umbrellaed by an endorsed local community organisation)
  • commercial/private companies will generally be ineligible to apply, unless their project demonstrates clear community benefits (see paragraphs 73, 74 and 75 of the overarching Community Grants Policy)
  • activities must not have already taken place before the local board has the opportunity to consider the application (unless the Board accepts there are genuine mitigating circumstances)
  • groups that have failed to meet accountability obligations from previous Council grants (within the last two years) will not be funded except in exceptional mitigating circumstances
  • more than one application per organisation in a grant round
  • koha (cash donations)

NB: The Kaipātiki Local Board normally uses its community development partner, the Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust (KCFT) as an umbrella organisation. If you are an individual applicant, please discuss with the trust whether it is prepared to act as your umbrella before lodging your application.


The following Objectives apply to Transitional Rates Grants:

  • to facilitate the ongoing provision of non-commercial (non-business) community services that meet the needs of residents in the Kaipātiki Local Board area.
  • to facilitate the ongoing provision of non-commercial (non-business) recreational opportunities for residents in the Kaipātiki Local Board area.
  • assist the organisation’s survival
  • make membership of the organisation more accessible to the general public, particularly disadvantaged groups. These include children, youth, young families, aged people and economically disadvantaged people.


The following Criteria apply to Transitional Rates Grants:

  • Transitional Rates Grants will only apply to land owned by the council or owned and occupied by a charitable organisation, which is used exclusively or principally for sporting, recreation, or community purposes and is located in the Kaipātiki Local Board area.
  • Transitional Rates Grants will not apply to organisations operated for private pecuniary profit or which charge commercial tuition fees.
  • Transitional Rates Grants will not apply to groups or organisations whose primary purpose is to address the needs of adult members (over 18 years) for entertainment or social interaction, or who engage in recreational, sporting or community services as a secondary purpose only.
  • The application for a Transitional Rates Grant must be made in round one of the Kaipātiki Grants Programme and must be for the current financial year.
  • Note that the local board will only consider supporting applications for transitional rates grants that amount to up to 50% of the group’s annual rates bill.
  • Note that transitional rates grant recipients will most likely be required to pay the first quarterly rates instalment prior to receiving a transitional rates grant, and therefore will need to allocated any grant received post payment of their Q1 rates invoice to their annual rates bill.
  • All other rules for Transitional Rates Grants are as per the Kaipātiki Grants Programme guidelines for other applications.

Accountability and other measures

The Kaipātiki Local Board requires that for all successful applicants:

  • The contribution of the board is to be acknowledged in all publicity and signage (the board brand collateral can be provided on request).
  • Any events funded or partially funded by the board are to be smoke-free.

The Kaipātiki Local Board requires that all successful applicants provide, within two months of the completion of the project, a completed accountability form.

Download the Kaipātiki Community Grants Programme 2021/2022