COVID 19 Protection Framework

The KCFT Summer Fun Programme is operating during the Orange COVID-19 Protection Framework

Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust – Summer Fun Requirements:

With My Vaccine Pass ORANGE

KCFT will be following the above protocol, for the Summer Fun Event Programme within the Orange COVID-19 Protection Framework.

KCFT will be asking for your "My Vaccine Pass" on entry and during the event timeline. We have taken this level of responsibility within the current Framework to ensure our communities are able to be active and enjoy their family/whanau play during this period and during our Summer Fun Programme.

KCFT have made PROVISON for a purpose point of entry onto the park reserve for each and every event during this time, please use this point of entry.

Thank you for understanding our role within the requirements of the Auckland Council for an Event Permit to hold the Summer Fun Programme, as well as the KCFT Board of Trustees Policies regarding Health and Safety Requirements for our Events.

COVID 19 Traffic Light System - Basic Rules at Each Shade