Kaipātiki Information

Kaipātiki Local Youth Board

Provides opportunities for young people in Kaipãtiki to get involved in the community, and have the voice of youth in local decision making processes. It also means being part of the local consultation process with the Kaipãtiki Local Board and other local and central government agencies. 

Most importantly, the Kaipãtiki Local Youth Board allows our youth to engage with others their same age at a decision-making level, and to engage with elected officials and politicians to provide events, or projects for youth lead by youth.

Contact: Hera Foley | 027 539 8697 | hera@kcft.org.nz

Children’s and Student Panels

These panels, started five years ago, have provided an opportunity for young people to have a voice in specific areas each school term throughout the year, working collaboratively with agencies and/or our Local Board. Schools involved include Birkenhead, Glenfield and Northcote High Schools, Birkdale, Glenfield and Northcote Intermediate Schools and identified local primary schools.

A snapshot of the issues covered include: Pest Free Kaipãtiki, Youth Health, Transport, Safety in the Community, Watersafe, Library Hours, Connected Kaipãtiki.

Contact: Ginny Bonner | 021 063 1932 | ginny@kcft.org.nz

Kaipatiki Childrens Panel CREATIVE ARTS - term 1 2023