KCFT Steps to Success

The KCFT Steps to Success Programme is a holistic, thorough, and in-depth set of Skill Modules which are designed to build the self-esteem, resilience, and confidence of rangatahi before they transition into supported employment.

The KCFT Programme provide rangatahi, and their whãnau, with a firm foundation prior to the transition into the workforce, and additional support once they find employment.

Rangatahi embarking on this journey are expected to commit to full participation in all scheduled modules and workshops. These work in partnership with, not only the rangatahi, but also their whãnau and other applicable service providers.

It is a 6 month programme, with the following modules:

  • Resilience Module (month 1 - 4)
  • Work Experience Module (month 5 - 6)
  • After month 6, we provide a support service to assist in maintaining employment

Our KCFT Steps to Success Team:

(LtoR) Sonia, Lana, Laura and Bene - with Willow & Nyla

Are YOU between 15 and 19 years old?
Need some help finding a job?

In the KCFT Steps to Success Programme, you will learn the key skills needed to get that job!

You learn by doing – leading the way in developing your own interview, leadership and performance skills.
We are there every step of the way supporting and encouraging you, right through to the first day on the job, and after!

Parents, Caregivers. Know a 15 to 19 year old needing support into a job?

KCFT Steps to Success is a practical, hands on and intensive programme designed to support rangatahi into long-term employment pathways.

We work alongside whãnau to support their rangatahi through a journey of self-discovery - building resilience and confidence.

Rangatahi gain critical job skills during this programme, including: driver licences, leadership, weaving, car mechanics, site visits, interview skills and so much more!

sonia and willow 2022

For further information, or to enrol, please contact Sonia Nerheny, Steps to Success Team Lead