Kaipātiki Information

Think of other ways you can reduce, recycle, etc.

  • Find out more about ways to make a difference - reduce some of your costs and live well in your home at
  • Shop and eat locally
  • Walk or bike the greenways, car pool to make friends or stay home and skype into meetings
  • Green up your backyard and beyond
  • Set up a 4 minute Spotify play list for taking a shorter shower challenge to save on your hot water use
  • Share, Repair or swap items before buying new


Home Health Check

Find out how much energy you are using and how to reduce it by borrowing a HEAT (Home Energy Audit Toolkit) kit from your local library for free.

An average New Zealand house spends around $2500 per year on energy and heating. By taking these low cost actions you could save up to $1000 a year.

Stop drafts - drafts make your home uncomfortable and harder to keep warm.

  • Seal windows, doors and use draught excluders
  • Hang full-length, lined curtains in bedrooms and living areas

Reduce dampness - damp air is unhealthy, causes mould and costs more to heat.

  • Dry off windows and remove mould
  • Dry clothes outside
  • Put lids on cooking pots
  • Use extractor fans when bathing/showering and cooking
  • Open curtains sunny days to let the sun in
  • Open doors and windows for 30 minutes daily

Smart energy use - use heating and appliances the right way.

  • Switch to a low flow shower head or flow restrictor
  • Take a five minute shower
  • Swap portable gas heaters for safe effective heating
  • Use timers and thermostats
  • Dry clothes outside
  • Wrap your hot water cylinder
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Switch to LED light bulbs
  • Turn off appliances at the wall when not in use