Businesses Partnering with KCFT Steps to Success

Looking for a better solution to finding your next employee?

Partnering with KCFT Steps to Success enables you to reach a target audience that you might not otherwise find. By collaborating with us to achieve greater social outcomes for all, you are participating and contributing at a grassroots level with the community themselves.


Investing in a safe partnership approach enables supported transitions into employment for rangatahi, including ensuring that rangatahi are supported to attend, sustain, and retain employment.

  • KCFT Steps to Success provides innovative methods to attract and retain staff in non-confrontational and supported means – offering a ‘try before you buy’ approach, for the benefit of both rangatahi and employer.
  • KCFT Steps to Success removes the need to sift through Curriculum Vitae’s and conduct multiple interviews, alongside the need to advertise for entry level staffing roles which our prospects may be able to easily fill.
  • KCFT Steps to Success and the Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust have a wide social media reach through various channels and eagerly promote organizations and companies which we partner with.

“Enhancing someones successful transition into meaningful next steps must incorporate transferrable skills which are lifelong. If we can do this right, we stop the intergenerational cycle of benefit dependancy and increase social outcomes.”

sonia and willow 2022

For further information, please contact Sonia Nerheny, Steps to Success Team Lead