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Rubbish, Recycling & Reduce

The Average Aucklander sends about 160kg of rubbish to landfill every year. Of this, 65%per cent could have been avoided or put to better use. The tips in this guide will help you to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. It’s much easier than you might have thought!

  • A lot of rubbish can be reduced before it is even created - save on your bin tags
  • Before shopping consider what is needed (eg straws or disposable products), can it be reused or repaired -
  • There are now free repair cafes ( and to help.
  • Buy at, and support local second hand shops.
  • See for more great ideas to make a difference.

To make sure you are recycling as much as you can, follow our helpful guide:

  • You can recycle plastic, glass, metal and cardboard packaging containers from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as well as paper from home.
  • Please don’t put plastic bags in your Auckland Council recycling bin – they get caught in the sorting machines.
  • You can now drop these to collection points at local participating retailers.
  • For a full list of what can and can’t go in your recycling collection use our recycling search at

Please note:

  • Rinse and squash all containers
  • Leave the lids on all bottles and containers
  • Containers should be no larger than 4 litres
  • Include paper, cardboard and milk and juice cartons e.g. Tetra Pak® cartons in your recycling bin.

On your collection day

Putting your rubbish and recycling out

  • Attach the pre-paid bin tag onto the left-hand bin handle of your rubbish bin so collectors can see it. (Recycling bins don’t require a tag). Remember, your rubbish bin won’t be collected without a tag!
  • Leave your bin(s) as close as you can to the kerbside, clear of the footpath and clear of other bins and away from signs, lamp posts, trees and parked cars.
  • Make sure your bins are not overfull and that the lids can closed.
  • Place your bins out the night before your usual collection day or by 7am on your collection day. Remember, your collection day is usually one day later after public holidays.
  • For information about loss of bin, damage to bin or collection date changes, please visit or call 09 301 0101.
  • Remember if you don’t put your rubbish and recycling out right, it may not be collected.

Food and garden waste

Reduce your food waste, save money
Using all the food you buy and composting food scraps, tea and coffee grounds are two easy ways to reduce food waste sent to landfill.

The Love Food Hate Waste movement supports Aucklanders to minimise their food waste at home. Visit for tips on meal planning and safe storage.

Get composting
Composting is a great way to keep the goodness in your garden. It’s easier and cleaner than you might have thought.

Auckland Council provides support to get you composting, through the council funded compost collective. To find out more about free courses and local advice visit or call 09 482 1672.

Types of composting

  • Compost bin: For food scraps, garden pruning, grass and dead leaves.
  • Worm farm: Use to dispose of food scraps and small amounts of paper.
  • Bokashi fermentation bucket: For food scraps, including meat and cooked leftovers.

Garden waste

  • Garden waste is grass clippings, branches, weeds, plants and wood.
  • What can I do with my garden waste?
  • Use your garden waste to build healthy compost.
  • Mulch your lawn clippings and garden waste.
  • Take your garden waste to a nearby transfer station or green waste drop-off point.
  • Sign up with a green waste collection company.

Inorganic collections

Donate it. Sell it. Book it in

Auckland Council has changed how they collect inorganic items, to make things better for everyone. They now collect from inside your property boundary once a year. This means less mess on the street, so your neighbourhood is tidier and safer. Reusable items are made available to local community groups who can use them as much as possible.

There are lots of things you can do to keep inorganics out of landfill. Consider donating or selling your items before booking an inorganic collection. To book in your inorganic collection go to

Big items don’t belong in rubbish
Please don’t put large household items in your recycling or rubbish collection. There are other ways to dispose of these things responsibly.

You can:

  • Recycle, repair, donate, gift or exchange items
  • Drop them off at a transfer station during opening hours (charges may apply)
  • Contact the manufacturer to see if they will take the product back for recycling.

Hazardous waste

Household hazardous waste is unwanted household products and chemicals that can potentially harm people’s health or pollute the environment. Hazardous waste often has labels such as ‘warning’, ‘caution’, ‘danger’, ‘poison’ or ‘do not dispose of with household rubbish’.

The best way to manage hazardous waste is to eliminate or reduce its use whenever possible.


Organisations and Companies that can help with recycling, disposal, etc

Reuse Shops

Beach Haven

St Vincent de Paul
211 Beach Haven Road
09 482 3017


St Vincent de Paul
8/75 Ellice Road
09 443 5274

Hospice Shop & Clearance Centre
60 Ellice Rd
09 441 6679

St John Opportunity Shop
18 Link Drive
09 444 9531

Habitat for Humanity
20/18 Link Drive
09 222 1992

Red Cross Shop
M/18 Link Drive
09 440 9770

The Salvation Army Family Store
407 Glenfield Road
09 441 7494


30 College Road
09 419 4537

Northcote Baptist Op Shop
103A Lake Road
09 480 7564


The Salvation Army Family Store
42 Birkenhead Avenue
09 480 6718

North Shore Hospice Shop
1 Hammond Place
09 480 2522

IHC Op Shop
50 Mokoia Road
09 419 1957

The Collective
37 Mokoia Road
09 418 2227

The Nik Nak Shack
7 Mokoia Road
022 174 3124

The Attic Shop
2/27 Mokoia Road
021 800 290

North Shore Resource Centre

Useful stuff for schools, early childhood centres, community groups, craft and care groups.
44 Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead
021 078 6182

E-Waste / electronics, battery recycling, polystyrene, household appliances and secure document destruction

Abilities Group
91 Hillside Rd, Glenfield
09 444 0611

Paint disposal

Renene Paintwise
8 croftfield Lane, Wairau Park
09 444 4387

Engine oil disposal

Repco North Shore
79 Wairau Road
09 444 4505

Metal Recycling

Metal Salvage Services
16 Hillside Road, Wairau Valley
09 444 6368

Auckland Scrap Metal
245 Archers Rd, Glenfield
09 444 9700
0800 44 88 99

Curtain Recycling

Drop off point – Zero Waste Hub Northcote,
47 Pearn Place.
As a curtain collection point for Habitat for Humanity, we want to provide a second-life for your pre-loved curtains. Your curtains will be cleaned, adjusted where needed and provided to families who need them to keep their homes warm.

Other Helpful Sites

Community Recycling Centre
Devonport, 27 Lake Road, Devonport
09 444 1999
Refill Eco Store Products

Join the collective. Share your waste
Learn what composting system is best for you.

Soft plastic recycling