KCFT Steps to Success - Resilience Module

Rangatahi (in partnership with their whānau and any relevant service providers) embark on a journey of self-discovery with their KCFT Steps to Success staff member.  Whilst on this programme, rangatahi develop their own ‘Who Am I’, building resilience and confidence within themselves.

Rangatahi will build their own personalized visual Curriculum Vitae and receive tailored support as they navigate through the process of job seeking alongside KCFT Steps to Success (ie: Cover Letters, Interview Skills).

The KCFT Steps to Success Programme has a dedicated counsellor and personal trainer available, whom rangatahi can engage, and participate with, during the ongoing sessions.

The KCFT Steps to Success Programmes also have a selection of workshops which rangatahi will attend, including the following:


Personal Training Sessions

Several Personal Training sessions per week will be offered to rangatahi and their whānau engaging on the KCFT Steps to Success Programmes. These will be F45 style training with adaptations to suit the abilities of all participants.  Some Steps to Success staff will be training alongside rangatahi, with at least one staff member present for all sessions.  This is not compulsory however attendance is highly encouraged.

Wellbeing Coach

Phil Squires is the Wellbeing Coach working alongside KCFT Steps to Success.  Phil is highly experienced and known to many rangatahi in Kaipātiki.  Wellbeing sessions will be available free of charge for rangatahi engaging on the Steps to Success Programme.  These are not compulsory, however are highly encouraged.

Life101 – Money and Me workshop

Life101 deliver a one day action packed Money and Me workshop to Steps to Success Participants.   In this workshop, rangatahi will learn about financial literacy, budgeting, pay slips, investment and how to manage their money once employed.  Attendance at this workshop is compulsory.

Life101 – Leadership Within

Life 101 delivery a one day intensive Leadership Within workshop to Steps to Success Participants.  In this workshop, rangatahi dive deep into understanding who they are, their own working styles, personality dynamics and how to advance their own leadership capabilities.  Attendance at this workshop is compulsory.

Weaving and Hāngī Prep Workshop

The Kaipātiki Weaving Roopu will deliver a weaving and Hāngī prep workshop with rangatahi engaging in the KCFT Steps to Success Programme.  Rangatahi attending this workshop will learn how to weave their skillsets through a practical medium and create their own piece of weaving to take home.  Attendance at this workshop is compulsory.

Mechanical Awareness Workshop

Peter, a mobile mechanic, will be delivering a Mechanical Awareness workshop for rangatahi engaging in the KCFT Steps to Success Programme.  This practical workshop will leave rangatahi feeling confident in their ability to change tyres, check oil and water and road worthiness checks.  Attendance at this workshop is compulsory.

Licensing Workshops – Gain Learners or Restricted License

Te Ara Haepapa deliver interactive, supportive and practical wānanga to help rangatahi and their whānau gain their Driver Licenses - Learners, Restricted and Full.

  • Rangatahi participating in the Learners Workshop will end the week with their Learners License (fully funded).
  • Rangatahi participating in the Restricted or Full wānanga will go for an assessment drive with a Driving Instructor and be provided with personalized feedback of things to improve.
  • A few weeks before their Restricted License test (fully funded), rangatahi will go for another drive and be given further feedback and encouragement.
  • On testing day, rangatahi will be collected from home and driven to the testing station.

Te Ara Haepapa will provide rangatahi with a road worthy car to sit their test in. KCFT Steps to Success staff will be present at the testing station and available to sit in car during assessment drives if needed.

Attendance at these wānanga are compulsory. IF whānau are wanting to participate in this also, please contact Laura Martin (KCFT Steps to Success Navigator) on 027 278 5388.

WRAP Meetings (ongoing holistic whānau support meetings)

WRAP meetings provide a supportive context for whānau involvement in their rangatahi’s journey on the Steps to Success Programmes. WRAP Meeting are centered around progression and goal setting, to reach one’s own potential in sustainable employment.

Have A Go Days

Rangatahi are supported to have a go in a specific industry.  Informal interviews are conducted on the day with relevant HR – where employment is available.  Attendance is compulsory.

Employer Meet and Greets

Informal interview. Employers present are from the industries rangatahi are interested in. Interviews on the day – CV and Int Skills to be ready. Contract signed the following week. Attendance is compulsory.


KCFT Steps to Success work in partnership with whānau, to enhance what is already going well and support any required improvements. KCFT Steps to Success has an open chain of communication with whānau and works transparently alongside whānau to successfully transition rangatahi into supported sustained employment.

Expectations of rangatahi

  • Engage on the programme and attend all compulsory workshops.
  • Reach out to the Steps to Success staff – meet halfway.

Expectations of whānau

  • Support rangatahi to attend all compulsory workshops and participate in the programmes.
  • Encourage change in the journey of a young person.
  • Be willing to connect, communicate and collaborate with the Steps to Success staff in the journey of the young person.  You know them much better than we do.

What you can expect of us

  • To 3xC with rangatahi and their whānau.
  • To work transparently with high accountability.
  • To work from a whānau-led approach to support the entire whānau unit.
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For further information, or to enrol, please contact Sonia Nerheny, Steps to Success Team Lead