KCFT Steps to Success - Work Experience Module

Here, rangatahi are supported heavily by KCFT Steps to Success staff as they begin to navigate their transition into employment. Once rangatahi find an employment industry of interest, KCFT Steps to Success will job match them with an appropriate employer in that industry and support them through the onboarding process (job interviews, documentation etc.).

Rangatahi are supported to implement the 7 Key Employability Skills whilst understanding the expectations of a work environment.


Rangatahi will be placed with employers who have partnered with KCFT Steps to Success. These employers work with the needs and development of rangatahi, to ensure as streamlined of a transition as possible, while rangatahi work up to a 40 hour week/fulltime work.

During this period, rangatahi will have the opportunity to explore what working in that industry is like and will receive ongoing support from KCFT Steps to Success, to navigate any hurdles which may arise as rangatahi transition into a workplace environment.

KCFTSteps to Success staff will check in intermittently with rangatahi at their work site during this period and are available to support them with transport to/from work, as rangatahi work towards independent transport (bike, bus, car). This wraparound support is inclusive of the employer, rangatahi and their whānau.

Personal Training and Counselling remain available to rangatahi throughout the Work Experience Module.



Expectations of rangatahi:

  • Engage and participate in the programme.
  • Communicate openly with Steps to Success staff about how you are progressing and feeling towards work experience.
  • Continue to work closely with Steps to Success staff.

Expectations of whānau:

  • If you have any concerns, reach out to Steps to Success staff who will be able to support you and the rangatahi.

What you can expect of us:

  • We will act as the link between rangatahi and the employer.
  • We will continue open communication with whānau and are available to support should any concerns arise.
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For further information, or to enrol, please contact Sonia Nerheny, Steps to Success Team Lead