Summer / Winter Fun Programmes

The Summer and Winter Fun Programmes organised for the Kaipatiki local communities have become somewhat of an institution in the area, with families looked forward to events specifically designed for them each year.

KCFT have over the years collected together a huge range of educational aids, toys, physical challenge elements, that have given local children (and adults) the chance to push their boundaries, and for families to enjoy a fun time together at the Families in Parks events.

All the goodies are brought to different schools and parks for Preschool Play, so there’s something throughout the summer and winter months for young families to look forward to and enjoy.

Other events such as Fun Runs, Guided Bike Rides, Reserves Cleanups, Getting Active Days, Reserves Walks, etc are listed when available.


Download Winter Fun 2023

KAIPATIKI Winter Fun 2023_V2_A4-1A
KAIPATIKI Winter Fun 2023_V2_A4-2A
Midi in pink with characters