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Kaipātiki Parent Pack

Is vandalism or tagging my problem?

Parents must take some responsibility in ensuring their children do not become local perpetrators of vandalism such as graffiti (tagging) or destruction of property. Strive to encourage young people not to emulate negative approaches to their own community, rather engage them to be positive through dialogue and setting a good example yourself. Too often it can be spotted early; marks on school books, backpacks, shoes or jackets and usually in the bedroom. If you see a graffiti "tag" that resembles marks on your child’s property, then the likelihood is that they are connected. Ask the question!



What do I do if my child vandalises?

  • Keep calm and talk it through together.
  • Decide on the consequences as a family.
  • Go with your child to apologise to the owner of the property.
  • Help them put the damage right.

What can I do to stop my child vandalising property?

  • Teach children to take care of their own property from an early age.
  • Show children how carefully you look after your property.
  • Talk about what vandalism is and how it spoils the environment.
  • Explain that all property belongs to someone, and has a value.
  • Talk about how people feel when their things are damaged or destroyed.
  • Help children to find positive ways to use their leisure time.


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