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Kaipātiki Parent Pack

Are you needing support during pregnancy, childbirth or with parenting?Please see below for listing of support organisations.
Have you experienced sexual violence?ACC funds support following sexual violence. It offers fully funded and immediate support and treatment – including support for your family and whãnau. It doesn’t matter if it happened recently or a long time ago, there’s support available when you’re ready.
Visit: findsupport.co.nz or call 0800 735 566 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)
Do you have any issues around alcohol or substance use that you would like support with?The Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) provides a range of free services to those wanting to solve an alcohol or drug related question, issue or problem. Visit www.cads.org.nzor phone 09 845 1818 when you’re ready.
Walk-in assessments welcome Mon-Fri 10am-1pm. 
The Problem Gambling Foundation also offers counselling services; www.pgf.nz
Are you in paid employment?You may be able to access free confidential counselling through your company’s employee assistance programme (EAP). Speak with your employer.
Are you enrolled in tertiary studies?Some tertiary institutions provide free counselling for their enrolled students. Ask your tertiary education provider. 
Are you eligible for a WINZ Disability allowance?Counselling fees or transport to counselling can be subsidised as part of a Disability allowance. Ask your GP if you are eligible for this allowance.
Can you pay for counselling or therapy sessions?There are numerous providers of low cost or free counselling/therapy. Please see list below to find the right counsellor or therapist for you.
Can you receive counselling through your GP’s primary health organisation (PHO)?Most family doctors or GPs are part of Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) that offer counselling or therapy . Please ask your GP if you are eligible for PHO counselling.
Do you have mental health difficulties that are severely impacting your life?Local Community Mental Health services provide psychological therapy for those who meet mental illness criteria and are moderately to severely impaired. Speak with your GP who can refer you to the community mental health team.

Pregnancy, Post-partum and Parenting

Mother’s Helpers Offers 10-week perinatal depression/anxiety recovery course: mothershelpers.co.nz/pnd-recovery-course/

Daysprings Trust: phone 09 827 6321dayspring.org.nz/counselling-services

Pregnancy Counselling Services: phone 0800 773 462  | pregnancycounselling.org.nz

Listing of counsellors and therapy providers.

Family Services Directory: familyservices.govt.nz/directory

Healthpoint: healthpoint.co.nz

Talking Works: talkingworks.co.nz

Hearts and Minds:  heartsandminds.org.nz

Citizen’s Advice Bureau:  cab.org.nz

ACC-accredited therapists:  findsupport.co.nz


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